Андрей_Заб 23 Май. - 15:38

Каким автошампунем мыть автомобиль, чтобы ЛКП не страдало и алюминий не ржавел?


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Анонимный пользователь 21 Июл. - 11:16

Most of the discussion so far is besides the point. This is a thread about the an unfortunate Russiam reporter who was murdered, Anne Poltakovskiya.Someone stupidly compares her to an Israeli reporter who is no danger at all and every other poster is obliged to take sides in this lame comparison.In the meantime I am attacked intemperately by one of the most partisan and ignorant posters here.It’s past time the forum was retired.
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Анонимный пользователь 21 Июл. - 20:59

I'm quite pleased with the inamfortion in this one. TY!
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Анонимный пользователь 22 Июл. - 09:46

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